„An excellent read. Full of insight that can be used in my everyday dealings, from day one.”  
                          Sean Hodgson, Sydney, Australia             

             „Suggestions in this book changed my life. I look completely differently at the world around me
              and  now see opportunity to make my millions.”
                            Kanchana Wickramanayaka, Colombo, Sri Lanka

 „A candid look at negotiating with Chinese, Indians, Russians and Westerners. Refreshing to read some  ‘real-world’ experience rather than the politically correct empty rubbish in popular press.”                               

                Clayton Young, Dubai                          

„Honesty from some of the top ‘deal-makers’ in the world today.”

                  Simon Goulet, Chief  Operating Officer Therapeutic Monitoring Systems, Ottawa


„An outstanding piece of work and to-the-point. I was interviewed for this book and still read the book three times since.  I asked my daughter to read the book as well, to prepare her for how things really happen out there.”   

                  Vasu Desikachary, Toronto

             „My top book pick for this year !!”

                               Ruta Nukse, Riga, formerly with SEB Bank - Scandinaviska Enskilda  Banken

"Dr. Sarkans is one of the few businessmen I have met in recent years who is direct and honest and explains things exactly as they are."

                John Christmas, Malta - exiled whistleblower from the largest fraud in Latvian
                history - Parex Bank and its subsequent 'government bailout'