Dr. Karl Sarkans is a well experienced market practitioner as well as an academic.

Dr. Sarkans experience includes:

  • Negotiations with governments including the Government of Vietnam
  • Developing the first major new hotel in Vietnam after reforms
  • Successfully selling several companies including – a construction firm used for building the Hong Kong Airport and a former Soviet Union space high-tech company using its output for ‘green technologies’
  • Building and selling an asset management company
  • Offshore capital structuring of deals
  • Assisting clients with various ‘difficult-negotiations’
  • Being jumped by corrupt police in Eastern Europe while negotiating-out a bar operation linked to the chief of police
  • Held with a knife to his throat and a gun to his chest by Russians
  • Travels and business dealings throughout most of the developing world
  • Assisting in legal cases where the opposing party and system were ‘unscrupulous’

... Real-world and first-hand ... to uncover and give you global advanced negotiation skills!

Dr. Sarkans has a PhD in Economics, a Masters in Business Administration from Wharton Business School, and an Engineering degree from the University of Toronto.

In 2008 the fund he managed was ranked by the Wall Street Journal as the top Global Macro Fund. In 2007 and in 1997 he managed the top fund of all funds in the world.

Dr. Sarkans has lectured in Abu Dhabi, China, Liechtenstein, Canada and in Eastern Europe.

Hong Kong

Abu Dhabi